Munchy Bites Vending

Houston’s premier snack & drink vending machines are waiting for you!


Thank you for popping in to check out Munchy Bites Vending! Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We have different types of vending machines available to suit your needs. Whether it’s a soda, snack, or combo machine we have one with your name on it! Oh yeah, and our machine placement is FREE!!!


What We Offer

Munchy Bites Vending provides vending machines to your company and creates a convenience for your employees and customers by having their favorite snacks and drinks readily available 24/7.

No Cost To You

You’ll instantly add value to your business with our FREE vending machine placement at no cost to you!

Tailor Made

Our machines come with a variety of products that you are guaranteed to enjoy. When you decide to have machines placed at your business you have the option to personalize your machine with products you like.

Contact Us

You can email us directly at or visit us on social media by clicking the links below.